Conflict of Interest


Managing conflicts of interest before and during a research study is required. If you have questions about your reporting requirements, conflict of interest policies, or management of existing conflicts of interest, the following units are where you want to start.


U-M Conflict of Interest Research Compliance Office
The COI research compliance program provides oversight of and the procedural structure for outside interest disclosure, review of potential conflicts of interest, and management of identified conflicts.

UMMS Conflict of Interest Board
The MEDCOI Board will review annual disclosures from faculty; develop and interpret policies and procedures related to COI or COC and non-compliance; provide a mechanism for appeal; and report any unresolved issues to the University.

U-M Office of Research Conflict of Interest Committee
The UMORCOI Committee  reviews the potential conflict of interest situations of faculty and staff from the Ann Arbor (except the Medical School and Michigan Medicine), Flint, and Dearborn campuses; determines if a conflict of interest exists, and approves plans to manage any conflicts of interest.

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