ALL study teams with IRB approval at the University of Michigan are eligible to use The (previously registry provides a database of studies being conducted at U-M. It allows potential participants to view or sign up for research opportunities. The registry also holds profiles of over 28,000 potential volunteers who have given permission to be contacted if it looks like they may qualify to participate in a research project. Study team members are able to manage their IRB-approved study information and use the secure environment to connect with participants who may qualify for a study.

Studies must have IRB approval to post on for recruitment of study volunteers. See Recruitment and the IRB for more details.

What are some tips for managing

Engagement with the volunteers of (previously is critical. By connecting with volunteers in a timely manner, you are likely to have greater participation and retention.

  • Be sure to make your posting as lay-friendly as possible
    • is an approved IRB recruitment tool and the IRB supports study teams writing their postings as simple and concise as they can.
  • Carefully select the connector words when posting your inclusion and exclusion criteria. Selecting these carefully will help you open your posting to all eligible volunteers.
  • has built-in templates of messages that can be sent to potential volunteers when they hit the I’m interested button.
  • You can also customize these templates for a more personalized message from your study team. Make sure that they are straightforward and easy to read and understand. For example, "Thank you for your interest, someone from our team will follow up with you soon."
  • Use it for out-of-office replies. The biggest complaint we receive from volunteers is that they expressed interest in a study and never heard back from anyone. If no one is available to respond to volunteers, put a message in your template that explains that.
  • Use it when your study enrollment is complete to follow up with findings from your research study.

Many studies need to register on More information on this site can be found in the Reporting Study Results section. Study teams at University of Michigan can link their (previously posting to a posting. is not a lay-friendly website and linking your posting will provide the volunteer with detailed and easier to understand information on how to participate in your study. Detailed instructions on how to link your posting to our posting are available here.

What feedback have users offered?

We would like to share some of the best practices and feedback we have heard from clinical research volunteers. We hope you find this informative and helpful when recruiting and retaining volunteers.

Use plain language

Think about how you would talk about your study to a friend or family member

Don’t include “goobledeegook” in posting

Make it as simple as possible

Don’t list too much information in the study section

Break up the text with bullet points

List it simply

I don’t need to know about the drug information

Too much detail in study criteria section


An innovative tool that connects research study teams to interested study participants. The (previously registry provides a database of studies being conducted at U-M. It allows potential participants to view or sign up for research opportunities. Study teams may query the database to specific inclusion/exclusion criteria based on participants’ profile responses. Potential participants may review active study postings to assess their level of interest.

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