Identifying Your Recruitment Audience


Before you can create your recruitment plan and materials you need to identify who is eligible to participate in your study. In other words, who is your audience?

Identifying Your Audience and How to Connect with Them

In general, if you have a small, well-defined volunteer audience to reach, you may only need a letter, flier, and/or brochure to distribute to current patients or to use in discussions during patient visits.

If you need to recruit a larger or more diverse volunteer audience, then you should consider a more comprehensive approach that combines several different types of communication channels, including advertising (typically paid), publicity, and social media (typically free).

Keep in mind that the more comprehensive your approach, the more time and budget you may need to develop and distribute the information or materials. In general, we do recommend using multiple techniques to reach participants to ensure you meet recruitment goals and to help develop a diverse cohort meeting your study criteria.


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