In-Person Recruitment


Many studies utilize recruitment methods where study team members first connect with their participants when they are utilizing U-M services or our in the community. These are tips and resources for how to do in-person recruitment at U-M.

In-Clinic Recruitment

Consider using the MiChart recruitment alerts. Set up a MiChart recruitment alert here.

These alerts will help you to identify potential study volunteers who meet your study criteria. You will need to set the criteria of your study beforehand.

Build a good working relationship with clinic staff. Arrange a meeting with the clinic administrator to discuss workflow and how you can easily assimilate into their world and not cause a burden to their efforts. Tell them about the criteria of your study and who you are hoping to recruit. If you engage them, the clinic staff can be your greatest champions.

Come prepared with information about your study. Fliers, brochures, or small informational cards are easy takeaways for potential volunteers. Our clinical research communications coordinator assists teams with the creation of these recruitment materials. Please schedule a consultation for recruitment material creation.

Be passionate about your study when talking about it. If you believe in what you are trying to accomplish, volunteers will become excited as well.

Community Recruitment

Think of your target audience when thinking of ideas for recruitment. Your MICHR Recruitment team is always available to help you brainstorm ideas of where to recruit and assist you with recruitment material creation. Please contact us at to find out more.

Below are several ideas for recruitment locations:

  • Community centers: Be sure to get approval from the center before you post fliers.
  • Health fairs: Contact the organizer to set up a table (be sure to ask if there is a fee).
  • Local support groups: If you are recruiting for a specific condition (let’s use Multiple Sclerosis [MS] as an example), you may begin working with local support groups as a potential volunteer recruitment site. Be sure that this is a bi-directional relationship. The study PI could give a talk on MS and new treatments or give a talk about management of MS. While this may seem time consuming, it is important to build a relationship and, most importantly, trust with the patients in the group.
  • Different stores: search around at local stores that allow fliers. Be sure to check their policies for flier posting as well.
  • Contact the MICHR Recruitment program for a list of potential community venues which includes detailed information about policies for posting fliers.

Posting at Michigan Medicine Behind the Glass

Michigan Medicine Volunteer Services coordinates the posting of fliers in the glass cases around the medical center campus (near the elevators). Fliers are posted for two weeks and are changed out at the first Sunday of the month, and then again mid-month on a Sunday, regardless of holidays. Flier posting is coordinated on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 647.7795 if you have questions.

Flier guidelines for posting:

8 ½ “X 11”

Portrait style only

Must include phone and/or email contact information

No tear-offs

Send 26 fliers via campus mail to:

April Lewis

Michigan Medicine Volunteer Services

L2616 Women's

1500 E. Medical Center Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5237

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