Social Behavioral Research Best Practices Course


The International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) works to standardize clinical research on a global scale. Their Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines are the gold standard for clinical trials and must be followed if you have stated that you will use them in your protocol or contract.

Even if you did not state that you will follow the guidelines, they still provide a basis for best practices. If you are conducting a clinical trial at U-M, you are required to document that key personnel have received GCP training.

If you are conducting social or behavioral research, this course created by MICHR will meet the GCP training requirement. It also has tips for best practices that may be of interest to social/behavioral research teams that are not doing clinical trials.


Social Behavioral Research Best Practices Course
The goal of this e-learning course is to enable learners to apply Good Clinical Practice principles to clinical research investigations involving human subjects as they specifically apply to social and behavioral research.

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