MiChart Research


MiChart is the electronic medical record at Michigan Medicine. The MiChart Research Team helps researchers to utilize the medical record system for research purposes.


MiChart Research
The MiChart Research Team provides a variety of services, including:

  • Recruitment Alerts:Formerly called Best Practice Alerts (BPA), Recruitment Alerts are alerts the study team can receive through MiCHART to alert the team of potential volunteers. Work with the MiCHART team to create the alert based on your eligibility criteria. 
  • Smart Forms for encoded data collection: Developed with application specialists with a focus on the data extract needs.
  • Order Set Development: Research protocols ordering can be facilitated with order sets support. Useful inpatient or outpatient; infusion plans and therapy plans may also be provided. 
  • Study Team Support: Application staff are available for consultation to help streamline protocol execution and help in ordering process and procedures.
  • Study Build for Clinical Trials which have no Billing Calendars: Some studies do not have billable procedures yet have enrollment done in the Michigan Budget Enrollment Calendar Tool (MBECT). This service allows study teams to track enrolled subjects in the MiChart Application.

MiChart Training Resources for Research
This page includes training resources for research including job aids, tip sheets, and videos.

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